Friday, March 13, 2009

Basic coding!

What's funny is that I've been preaching POCOs for all the time I've been at my present job. I liken programming to professional basketball. The basics and fundamentals of basketball are taught at an early age. When players get to the pro's, for the most part, they stop using the basic fundamentals; like boxing out to grab a rebound, cutting off the baseline and forcing their opponent back to the middle of the floor, etc...

The point is, you have very talented developers that would like to use the latest development tools and methods, but the basics will always pull you through. You can get yourself into uncharted territory when you attempt new things. Just ask Shaq when he tries to shoot a three-pointer when his skill level is really inside of the key.

This is not to say developers should not try new things, but try (and succeed) new things when you are not under a strict deadline.

Michael Adkins

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  1. you don't necessarily have to succeed when trying new things. you just have to be honest about whether or not you did succeed, be willing to cut your loses, and mitigate the impact to the deadlines, like you said.

    good stuff. Glad to see you finally decided to share your wisdom with the world! :)